Winter in Australia can be bitter, frosty and unforgiving, particularly in the southern states (looking at you Tasmania, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney)! We love getting cosy and staying warm during winter, and our canine friends are no different! The cold can impact them as much as it can impact humans, especially older dogs who suffer from arthritis or osteo problems. Here are some helpful hints to keep your pooch warm this winter!

Warm Bone Broth
When your feel a cold coming on or just want a warm nourishment to fill your tummy, nothing is better than a bowl of soup. Some delicious bone broth soup can go down a treat for dogs on those freezing cold days. The broth shouldn’t be too hot as you don’t want to burn your dog, just a gentle warmth. You can test the temperature of the soup by putting a few drops on your wrist (like you would a baby’s bottle!). Here’s a great bone broth recipe.

Many dogs love getting groomed, some even have a spring in the step after a trim, just like humans after a good salon treatment! In winter it can be helpful to keep a dog’s fur coat a bit longer than in summer, as it can give extra insulation for the cold. Grooming is great and some dogs definitely need a good brush and trim to stop fur from matting, but keeping the trim slightly longer for winter can help your pooch stay warm.

Bath Time
In summer a cool bath is a fantastic way to keep your dog fresh in the heat, but when you wash your dog in winter, it’s best to wash them in a warmer water (but not too hot!) and dry them off inside. Ensuring your dog dries off inside in winter (whether towel dry, in front of a heater, or a blow dryer) is a kinder way to keep your dog smelling divine but also keeping them warm.

Shelter is key
Some dogs are kept indoors, and others stay outdoors. For the outdoor pooch it’s important that they have a shelter which is insulated and provides good protection from the elements such as rain or wind. Some nice thick blankets don’t go astray for those cold nights either, and if your dog is comfortable with it, you can place the blanket over them before they go to sleep for extra insulation on those colder nights.

Dog clothes
For our short coated furry friends or pooches who get particularly cold, dog clothes can be helpful. A jacket, coat, or jumper can help keep them warm especially when they are outside walking. Important things to remember when choosing dog clothes, makes sure the fabric doesn’t irritate and allows unrestricted movement, while fashionable clothes are great, practicality is critical.

Let us know if you have any other great tips for keeping your dog warm in winter!


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