Love the festive season? Why not celebrate Christmas in July!

Living in the Southern Hemisphere we get the best of both worlds with beautiful sunny barbecue weather for Christmas and ice-cold winter in July creating the perfect excuse to throw a winter celebration.

At Aff and Co. we’ll take any excuse we can to throw a family get together (pets included) with a ridiculous amount of food and wear embarrassing matching outfits, so we’ve released our Christmas bandana this month for your pooch to join in the fun!

If you’re not sure what Christmas in July entails, we’ve listed our favourite ways to celebrate!

Mix It Up With Decorations –

Keep your traditional tree locked away for December and take this time to show off what your décor in a new way! Take your pooch for a walk and pick up local pine cones and spray paint gold, silver or white, fill a clear glass vase with your favourite ball balls, put a wreath up on your door and hang up those Christmas stockings!

Eat Decadent food –

Our summer Christmas’ usually have an abundance of prawns, light salads, barbecued meat and lots of drinks! In winter, we can finally guzzle creamy hot chocolates, cook a beautiful roast and pair it with rich gravy.

Not into cooking? Organise a pot luck instead and be surprised by the variety of food friends and family bring!

Ramp up the music –

Who doesn’t love Christmas carols? They’re some of the happiest songs around! Play that music loud and get singing!

Gift Giving –

There is no better feeling than giving to others, so even if it’s something small, spread the love with a sweet little gift.

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